Six charged in cryptocurrency money laundering investigation

Police have charged six more people in relation to an ongoing investigation into an alleged criminal syndicate accused of laundering money through cryptocurrency.

Cybercrime Squad detectives executed a series of raids across Sydney yesterday and arrested five women and one man.

Officer seized electronic devices, cash and jewellery including a designer bracelet valued at $6350 at units in Newington and Strathfield.

A 48-year-old Newington man was charged with seven counts of knowingly dealing with proceeds of crime with intent to conceal and participating in a criminal group contributing to criminal activity.

Cash seized during a police raid as part of an investigation into money laundering through cryptocurrency. (NSW Police)

Police allege the man deposited cash into fraudulent bank accounts.

Among the women arrested was a 24-year-old from Strathfield who was charged with participating in criminal group contribute to criminal activity and four counts of knowingly deal with proceeds of crime.

She is accused of dealing with the proceeds of crime to the value of $3 million.

Three women – a 24-year-old from Homebush West, a 23-year-old from Denham Court and a 23-year-old from Newington – were charged with three counts of recklessly dealing with the proceeds of crime.

A 23-year-old Concord woman was charged with two counts of recklessly dealing with the proceeds of crime and two counts of being an accessory before the fact to recklessly dealing with the proceeds of crime.

Police set up Strike Force Curns last October to investigate the alleged criminal syndicate.

The latest arrests come after a 30-year-old man was arrested last month and $1 million cash was seized from his car during a vehicle stop at Strathfield.

The man has been charged with 24 offences.