How to Buy Aryacoin (AYA) Crypto Right Now • Benzinga

An independent blockchain project, Aryacoin aims to provide users with a more secure, anonymous and affordable way to transfer value using its coin, AYA. You can buy and sell AYA on major exchanges like many other crypto projects. Learn more about investing in Aryacoin with our guide for beginners.  

What is Aryacoin?

Aryacoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve the problem of high network fees by providing users with an easier and more affordable way to exchange electronic cash. Though Aryacoin is built on the same basic technology behind blockchain projects like Bitcoin and Litecoin, it doesn’t use verification technology to complete transactions. This means that the network charges no fees and that users can transfer cash completely anonymously between Aryacoin wallets using the coin, AYA, as a medium. Aryacoin developers have also created a digital wallet completely controlled by the user after setup. 

Brief History of Aryacoin

Introduced in November of 2019, Aryacoin was initially offered at an ICO price of about $0.01 per coin. Since this time, the coin has hit an all-time high price of about $0.17 per coin in February of 2021. Though the price of Aryacoin has fallen from this value by about 70%, its coin continues to be offered on large exchanges and maintains a daily trading volume of about $95,000.