Bitcoin Loses Grip in Climb Up as Ethereum Surges

Bitcoin slipped a bit on Sunday as it continued to try to  climb back up, after falling below $48,000 for a time a week ago. Ethereum, another cryptocurrency, meanwhile surged higher, getting closer to reaching $3,000.

By late Sunday afternoon, Bitcoin was edging close to hitting $57,000. That’s still a ways off from the cryptocurrency’s April high when it punched past $64,000. But it’s around 13% higher than where the coin sat at the same time a week ago.

Ethereum, however, shot up more than 34% in the past seven days, hitting $2,968.81 on Sunday, according to CoinGecko. That’s a huge gain over one year ago, when it was $214.25 to the dollar.

Other cryptos gained, as well. Binance Coin reached $627.28, up around 25% in a week, while Dogecoin — of Elon Musk tweet fame — has rose to nearly 39 cents, up 43.4%.