Android 12 ripple effect may be improved in next beta releases

Android 12 is in the works. It’s now in the Developer Preview stage and each week, we learn more about it. Just last week, we learned it would stop third-party apps from customizing share sheet. Android 12 may offer Smart Forwarding feature and would someday allow third-party app stores to update mobile apps. Android 12 Beta was revealed at Google I/O and some OEMs were offered early access. Expect more improvements and changes will be revealed in the coming months until the public launch.

Android 12 OS will deliver major changes in UI and design. We mentioned it will auto hibernate unused apps after a certain time period. The next Android version may also get a native recycle bin and auto translation in apps.

Android 12 will allow other app launchers universal device search. We can also expect it to bring Pixel-exclusive lock screen clocks, native scrolling screenshots, and possibly face-based Auto-Rotate. Another possible change will be related to ripple effect. Android 12’s ripple effect may be changed by Google after several complaints. Apparently, the feature has been problematic.

The Android team introduced a ripple effect. The animation would show up when tapping some UI elements. Early testers didn’t like it and they mentioned it to the Android development team. It seemed glitchy. Google has acknowledged the issue and said it would release improvements.

Here was the official response: “Thanks a ton for the feedback — you’ll be seeing continued updates in Beta 2, 3, and onwards to make the ripple more subtle and less distracting/glitch-feeling.”

Expect the next Android 12 beta version will introduce the changes and optimizations. We’ll know in the next beta releases.