An Overview of Cryptocurrencies Work as an Alternative to Bitcoin

The emergence of virtual currencies was boosted by the introduction of bitcoin. Although before 2009, there were some other cryptocurrencies that existed, the development of bitcoin acted as a game-changer in staggering the digital world of the intangible currency market. Since the popularity of bitcoin, several other digital tokens were released as an alternative to bitcoin. The non-negligible fact remains the fact that bitcoin’s dominance as a market leader in the crypto market has been always there. The market capitalization of bitcoin seems to far more than other virtual currencies.

All cryptocurrencies are digitally represented, but not all virtual currencies are purely tangible in nature, as few of them have some sort of physical presence in the form of credit cards. The penetration of altcoins in the virtual currency market has considered being an effort to introduce something which is a better or more modified version of bitcoin. Most of the cryptocurrencies have failed to so, only a few of the altcoins have features that bitcoin does not hold. There are several platforms that enable its users to differentiate between altcoins and bitcoins like the news spy. If one wants to confirm the platform’s legitimacy, the news spy trading review is also available.

There are more than 3500 cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin that operate in the virtual currency market, and few of them do not even have enough trading volume. While comparing bitcoin and altcoins, few experts believe that bitcoin has reached its final destination of hype, whereas others claim that there is much more left in bitcoin. There have been future predictions that strongly support the idea that bitcoin would reach 1 million at the end of 2030.

Altcoins that work as a substitute to bitcoin

Ethereum is undoubtedly considered to be an opportunity cost to bitcoin. Etheruem has the same blockchain support structure as bitcoin and the decentralized software platform is much safer than bitcoin in the terms of fraud and theft. The idea behind Ethereum is to provide access free environment for everyone all around the world. The infrastructure of Etheruem is based upon the cryptographic token called “ether”. It is the second most dominant virtual currency in the world after bitcoin, that is been traded in the crypto exchange. The difference between the market capitalization of bitcoin and Ethereum is quite much.

XRP is also one of the most traded digital currencies on the crypto exchange market, with a market capitalization of more than $ 47 billion, this virtual currency is more embraced by banks and other financial institutions. The currency was first introduced in 2012 by “Ripple Labs”.

Tether is considered one the most legitimate virtual currency, as its alliance with fiat-currency makes it a more stable and reliable cryptocurrency in the exchange market. It was introduced in the cryptocurrency market in 2014. It is the first currency to gain the confidence of the US dollar. The market value of Tether is more than $37 billion.


The charm bitcoin holds is undoubtedly phenomenal. The jumps and peaks that bitcoin has made in the last couple of years make it a unique type of investment attraction. The major difference between Altcoins and bitcoins is the investment of global institutes like Tesla, which makes bitcoin a prominent virtual currency as compared to altcoins. Although few altcoins are more stable and secure than bitcoin, still bitcoin has some other multiple features and benefits that could not be matched with altcoins.